Unavoidable cartoonist in Belgium, Kroll was born in 1958 in Congo. After being an architect and having a degree in Environmental Science, he becomes an independent cartoonist around 1985.

Nowadays, he is the regular cartoonist of the daily Le Soir and the weekly Ciné-Télé-Revue and Moustique, and is also featured in many other publications. One can also find a number of his drawings in the Courrier International and a few other French publications. Every Sunday, he can be watched drawing ‘live’ in a political debate TV show called Mise au Point of the RTBF – the main Belgian channel.

Prix de l’humour vache in France in 1986. First price PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) 2006, 2009 et 2012.

Since 1995, he has been issuing at least one illustrations review per year at Renaissance du Livre Publishers.